Unlike public clouds, My Cloud Mirror personal cloud storage allows you to keep all your content in one safe place on your home network. Plus, you can get all the storage you need with no monthly fees. Compared to the My Cloud Mirror model from last year, the Gen 2 version has a faster internal platform. (Read Cloud Storage Review)

When you got the troubles of disc loss or damage or the space of physical hard disk is low, you can ripping Blu-rays to My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) for uploading which enable you can share cherished Blu-ray Movies with your family members or access your movies at home or on the road. In this article will show you step-by-step how to get your Blu-ray movies into My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2).

Before storing Blu-ray to My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2), you need to process Blu-ray to digital conversion. With a fast and easy-to-use Blu-ray to My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) ripper, you will save your time and effort in establishing a complete and convenient online personal movie theater.

A Suitable Blu-ray to My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) Converter:

When it comes to choosing a right tool, we take into consideration the conversion speed, output quality, price, etc. I would introduce to you a right software: Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Mac

This software excels in converting your Blu-rays. It has a powerful Blu-ray decryption function so you can rip latest Blu-rays to My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) with this Blu-ray Converter. Some latest Blu-rays Trainwreck, No Escape, Self/Less, Inside Out poster, Inside Out, etc. Additionally, you also can convert Blu-ray to mainstream devices, such as Blu-ray to iPad Pro, Blu-ray to iPhone 6S. This easy-to-use converter is fit for novices. Just three steps are enough to finish ripping with this software.

Download Blu-ray to My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) Converter:

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-video-converter-ultimate/

Tutorial of Storing Blu-ray into My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2)

Note: Before you start ripping your Blu-ray, you should free run this software and install it successfully.

Step 1: Double click to open this converter after inserting Blu-ray to Blu-ray drive.

Step 2: Load right Blu-ray with “Load file(s)” and click “Format” bar to choose format. For general uses, MP4 video format in “Common Video” or “HD Video” is recommended.

This converter adjusts parameters automatically. If necessary, you can adjust them on your demands.

Step 3: Click “Start conversion” to start conversion process.

After finish converting, upload output files to My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) and streamed later for different uses. Just dozens of seconds are enough to backup Blu-ray to My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2). Then My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) helps you enjoy favorite Blu-rays with TV, tablets, mobile phones, Roku box, game console, etc online at home or on the go.

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